Online Shopping….. Decoded!


It’s no secret among my friends and family that I love me some online shopping. I’m not a huge lover of large crowds and unorganized stores. I like shopping from my own cozy home when the girls are down for the night and I have a large cup of coffee and lots of time to make decisions. I like being able to  walk away to think something over as much as I like and open lots of windows to find the best deals out there.

Online shopping has really come a loooong way in Canada.  In the last 2 years many American stores that didn’t offer Canadian shipping now do.  Many Canadian stores are finally opening up online shops which is even better! Questions I seem to always get asked are what discount sites do you frequently visit and whats the best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal out there! Well wonder no further! Here is a online shopping tutorial for those that have NEVER shopped online or those that just haven’t spent as many crazed hours as  I have searching for some obscure item or the latest and the greatest.

1. Discount Sites


1. Jeans  2. Boots  3. Hunter coat

Discount sites or flash sale sites are great for finding name brand pieces at good prices. I frequently check and but there are countless others out there. I like these two sites because they ship to Canada ( important obviously) and most items can be returned for a full refund ( always double check as each item is different) or a store credit. New items are added daily and I’ve gotten some amazing deals on Jbrand jeans ( down from $280 to $80), Free People dresses and more. Downside to these sites… the popular brands sell out FAST so you kind of need to check often to stay on top.

p.s. I never by my jeans full price I always buy them from one of these two sites. I have my size down in the brands I love so I find this very convenient and wayyyy cheaper.

2. Coupon Codes

ALWAYS CHECK FOR COUPON CODES. Sure it might only save you $5-$10 but thats a Starbucks  people,which we all know now is a fashion accessory. I always look on for my coupon codes, they pretty much have every store ever and there is now a Canadian I still mainly use the American one however, I’m patriotic like that.


3. Sign up for those annoying e-mails.

I know it sucks but its worth it. I never NEVER shop full price from the Gap anymore. I usually get 30-35% off my entire order and you just can’t beat savings like. If its a shop you visit regularly or can’t afford at full price then sign on up for those e-mails ( usually located at the bottom of the sites screen or flashing annoyingly in your face when you open the home page).

Untitled-1Baby Gap is the Best!

4. Open up lots of windows or tabs or both

I like to find an item I cannot live without, then I like to laugh at that ridiculously expensive price and google search that exact item until I find the best price! Sometimes I have saved $70,  and it’s a lot easier to shop around online then out in the real world! I keep all my windows open so I don’t forget where I have searched already, or lose that amazing deal, but you do whatever works for you…… this is the best way though. ( yes there are sites like polyvore doing this work for you but they don’t always show Canadian sites)

Remember lots of sites like chapters and carry an array of items and have excellent shipping and return policies.

Here is a list of my favourite online shops

Topshop UK ( The Bay carries some Topshop items online now YAY!) ( check out their amazing sale section) or the American site works too for most items ( they have name brands for cheaper than most stores and ship for free to Canada. Try to keep your orders to $100 or under and usually you wont get dinged for Border fees). I have also gotten some great deals on jeans from this site. This is a great site to look for coupon codes because almost always you can find one on retailmenot for 20% off your order.

I’m sure there are oodles more I shop frequently but this is all I can think of right now. Do you guys have any great online shopping tips or sites I need to know about! If so let me know 🙂


Yes I do support my local shops. Yes I do think this is very important. But I’m also very lazy…..