Snow Day

We have had our first sprinkling of snow up here in the Great White North. Elizabeth was very excited over this, and decided she must go out and see it. So we pulled on all our snow gear (putting mittens on toddlers is horrific might I just say), and stomped around on our back deck. We lasted about 15 minutes, which I expected would happen as there was to much ice frosted on our little slide to have any fun. All day Elizabeth kept asking me if it was STILL snowing, and when  would it melt…… your in for a rude awakening Miss Elizabeth.

(side note when I say we, I do not mean myself….. it was really cold out there. So I stood gaurd in the doorway and yelled things like ” Get back here mama wants to take your picture!” and ” don’t lick that Paisley!”etc)


She’s pretty cute

IMG_2910 copy

We sang about snow

mitten 2

We got some stuck in our mittens and couldn’t continue on until it was OUTTA  there!


Look a littttle closer.

IMG_2914 copy

Oh Hey!

   Snow gives her the munchies.

I love winter, but then again I grew up here and wasn’t aware the rest of the world doesn’t live like this. Its best to live in ignorance when it comes to these things I say. I thought I’d make a favourite things about winter list to remind myself, and anyone else who needs reminding, why we love it!

1. We can light the fireplace and feel all cozy

2. We can sing Christmas carols with abandon ( white Christmas is my fav and I even got Paisley to sing along with me… which is quite the feat as she can barely talk)

3. We can eat a lot… to keep us warm!

4. Starbucks Christmas drinks

5. The sun goes down at 5:30-6:00, perfect timing for this lazy homebody

6. Everything looks pretty and sparkly outside

7. You can pull out all your cute winter clothes and scarves

8. We can pretend its Christmas for 2 months YAY!

9. You can sit on pinterest for hours, pinning Christmas decor ideas; then feel fulfilled enough by your pinterest page that you don’t have to decorate at all!

10. You get to spend more time trapped indoors with  the ones you love… hopefully you still love them come spring!