The Hallway









 I did three feature walls in the main area of the house. These walls are where I really went for it with color. Our home is open concept so all my colors had to work together but I didn`t want anything to  feel to matchy matchy. We started with our entry way  wall and worked from there. Keep in mind getting to this stage took me about a year, I think paint is an easy decorative touch but I really hate painting. Although it can be easily changed, I certainly don’t want to be painting anymore then I have to. I tried to be very thoughtful and take my time as I figured out what I wanted the space to look like. The large wall in the hallway was calling for a  picture frame  gallery. These frames are from target and I used our family photos from the summer. Its key when getting family photos to use colors in your outfits that you want to see hanging in your home. The colors we picked flow  with the rest of the décor, and I tried to choose shots that were details, not large family shots. I think large family shots are great but wanted these to blend in and act as décor accents…. if that makes any sense. Anyways I really enjoy how this space looks and it makes me happy. This is a great example of a space I really tried to keep neutral and gray; as it was when we moved in, but found it just did not feel like home.

The chalkboard wall was a stretch for me. I love how they look in others homes, but wasn’t sure about mine. Its definitely a trend, however this is a space I knew I could easily repaint if I changed my mind later. It turned out to be one of my favorite spaces in the house.  Its not actually chalkboard paint, black matte paint works just as well and doesn’t show lint when cleaned  with a cloth. ( another great Larissa tip!)

My animal prints are from The Animal Print Shop and I love them. She has a ton of options to choose from and they go great in any space in the home!

Photos done by Velvet Leaf Photography