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Its almost December! I just can not believe how time is flying by. Now that the girls are getting older and our lives are getting busier and busier I just can’t seem to make time stand still. This month has been very challenging to say the least. We decided to take Paisley’s soother away because she was attached to it perminantly. Thinking this would be a similar experiance to when our first child lost her soother, we didn’t expect the grieving to go on longer than a week…. boy were we wrong. Not to scare anyone with new babies who have yet to reach this stage of life but OH MY WORD our child has a temper like no one else. I have no clue where she got this from as both her father and I were and are complete angels, but man can this girly throw a fit. Its hard to even put into words what this month has been like. Lets just say no sleep and loooong days with a teething baby, mourning her soother, have resulted in a mother at the end of her rope! I started this rant to point out that even after all of the temper tantrums and screaming matches we’ve gone through I just wish I could slow time down, if only for a bit.

We set the Christmas tree up last night and the oohs and ahhs were so worth all the work it takes to set up a Christmas trees with two little ones. These are the moments in life that help slow us down and cherish the time we have together. They remind me that the teething will end and I will probably forget how  horrible it was. As I get older I am more and more aware that these  truly are the best days, the days and years we will look back on and wish we could have really soaked  in and slowed  down. So even though so far November goes down as one of the hardest months parenting wise we have ever gone through ( and trust me I know there are harder things coming), its ok because we won’t remember the hard times, only the sweet memories we made.

And with that cute little pony tail a mother can hardly stay mad for long…..

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