Simple Details

My friend Sharon recently asked me to come over and help her do some quick styling for a photo shoot that was being done of her and her husbands home. They have recently moved in so she is just beginning to decorate the home but needed some items to pull a look together quickly for the next day. As someone who has an embarrassing amount of stuff I loaded up my car with some of my decor and headed over . This post is a great example that it doesn’t take much to make your home feel “styled”.

photo 1

Carston and Sharon already had the couch, love seat, and two chairs. They also already had the rug and trunk. I brought in all the pillows and throws, in addition to some of my sheepskin rugs and added the coffee table tray with some antique books, a candle, and some floral elements. They wanted to  use an old farm door that they own on the mantel piece, and it turned out great! I added the vintage inspired clock, some candles and an antique lantern to pull the look together.

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It really didn’t take us long to set it all up, and if you are searching for some simple and inexpensive ways to style your home, making  it feel cozy and chic here are some quick tips:

Add some decorative pillows in neutral colours if you are unsure of where you are going with your space later on. All of the elements we used in Sharon’s home are neutral and really help brighten up the space but have lots of texture to keep it warm and inviting. Sheep skin rugs, faux fur pillows and lots of texture help when using a cream or white palette.

Grab some artificial plants, my favourites are from ikea and I use them in pretty much every room in my own home. Home sense has awesome florals if you cant afford fresh all the time or live somewhere where things die once September hits, or just do not grow… at all.

Candles and antique books add interest and coziness. If your into the cottage, rustic style as Sharon and I are, always remember antiques can be used in unexpected spaces. The farm door is a great example of this, but keep in mind to balance the space always keep a good mixture of vintage/antique items with modern details as well. This keeps your space from becoming to  “theme’y” ( not a real word…. thats ok I’ll allow it). ( tip from Carston but I agree, so I am claiming it as my own…. )

Now I did not have extra side tables/lamps and in reality it never would have fit in my over stuffed car, however that would have completed the look.

1596581_10152197746592292_661805535_o Their house is pretty spectacular!

All photos are by Kate at Velvet Leaf Photography

Their home is built by High Mark Homes