iphone photos

Its been a busy week! We celebrated paisley’s birthday, she is 2 and I can’t believe it! Elizabeth was more excited for the party then Paisley. She helped bake a cake and was in charge of decorating it. I think it turned out awesome, good job Elizabeth.  We were able to venture outside a little bit more as it warmed up for a while. We enjoyed fresh air , playing in the snow and  some bright baby blue eyes. Our home was photographed by the amazing Dara Enns  for Deeproot Developments, I love their homes and was honoured to have our house photographed for an upcoming project. One of my favourite things is styling a home and giving it that little extra umph for photos. I was inspired by some fresh flowers ( hard to come by in the North) and pretty jewels. Some more exciting design projects are in the works, including Decorating the Grande Prairie Dream home with  Sharon Siebert, and a few other projects. What an exciting start to the new year and it’s only January.

 Someone needs to pinch me, as I must be dreaming!