Gold Gold Gold

photo 2

Heidi and I found this amazing mirror at Homesense. The only dilemma was that we knew it would look perfect where my clock is and that the clock would be perfect for another space we were searching for things to fill, but this would mean asking my husband for the FOURTH TIME to move the clock. Good thing he is patient with me and my crazy plans.  I thought I would spray it all gold however Heidi came up with this idea. Thank goodness as it was much easier then taping the whole thing and saved me my sanity !!

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

I just brushed this gold spray paint along all the dark brown edges to get the gold look I was going for. Sometimes if you are searching for the perfect piece and can’t find it you have to get creative and take matters into your own hands. ( Please dont mind my make-up free face and look away if people painting things in Anthropologie sweaters bothers you…. I made it through without getting paint on it!! I’m kinda impatient that way….)

And here she is in our living room

photo 1

I love it and can’t wait for my end table to arrive and DIY those to finish the look!