Summer Fun

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The girls and their cousins being silly and playing around with some of Papa’s beautiful blooms from the garden.

There’s no place on earth that makes me feel happier then my parents backyard. Even though it’s in town, it feels like your on vacation, separated from the rest of the world. When my sister is in town we spend as many afternoons as we can sitting in the backyard, while the kids enjoy playing together, and we enjoy chatting and soaking up the warmer weather. Speaking of warmer weather, its been insanely hot here in Grande Prairie. I remember summers growing up and the hottest it would get was MAYBE 25 degrees, and you were just as pasty white at the end of summer as your were at the beginning….. this year it has been at least 29-30 degrees everyday for a loooong time! And I am loving it! I feel like this is the first summer since being pregnant and having the girls that I have really been able to soak up the season and not feel like it went flying by and I didn’t even get to enjoy. My arms and shoulders are lovely and brown.  Sadly thats where it ends as my once somewhat taught tummy has been replaced with something that resembles a wrinkle dog that has been attacked by a lion……..

We leave for our summer holidays in two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!

Every year we go to Vancouver Island, and stay with Jade’s mom who lives there. We love Vancouver Island so much, and truth be told we had hoped to move there when we were first married. However reality sets in when you need a job to support your family, and we have been so blessed to have a great business here along with working for my Dad, so it looks like its Grande Prairie for us….. at least for now. I wait anxiously every year for the crazy, long 13 hr drive to Vancouver, but  the fun is over once we get to the ferry. Poor Jade, he is an island boy at heart which means he is ever the calm and easy going person…. his wife however is not. The ferry really is my worst nightmare. The drive through Vancouver is always crazzzzy for us smallish town folk, then you  cross your fingers and hope you will make the current sailing while your husband shoots you looks that say ” don’t even start hyperventilating about making the ferry, this is part of the adventure” and you swear every year that THIS YEAR you will not act like a crazy, deranged lunatic, and will be your new and improved super serene self if you do miss the ferry….., and  you have to wait 3-4 hrs for the next one, with two crying toddlers….. oh my goodness i’m starting to sweat just thinking about it! Not to mention the fact that we have to sail over the open ocean for 2 hrs where at any moment a whale could LITERALLY eat us and the whole boat …. ok maybe I am slightly crazy and dramatic but really I am kissing the ground once we make it over every year, and there was a reason God kept me here in the flat wheat fields of Northern Alberta.

…but I digress

I am super excited for Vancouver Island, my fav little coffee shop in Cumberland, and the best swimming spot in the world Barbers hole, which pretty much looks like the blue lagoon. And then it will be September… and my favourite season ever…. Pumpkin Spice latte season!