Decorating Cookies










These girls sure have my heart!

Christmas is one week away and every year I tell myself we will do lots of fun Christmas things. So far we haven’t built a snowman, or gone and looked at our local Christmas light display or even played any Christmas music around the house BUT we decorated Christmas cookies so high five for us!

The girls are really into arts and crafts and decorating cookies was right up their alley. We headed to our local Bulk Barn and picked out some bright colourful candies to put on our gingerbread men! I also saved time by purchasing pre-made icing that was even easier to use in a squeeze bottle. Perfect for little hands! Its important when letting your children decorate cookies, to relax and remember they will look like a disaster when they are finished and this is OK, do not be a crazy person and try and make them look perfect!

p.s. Its more tradition-y if you make your children wear the same shirts….

What are some fun Christmas traditions you do with your family?