Pillows… a girls best friend


I spotted some new pillows in lovely spring colors on Chapters .com today!

The cheapest and easiest way to update your home from winter to spring! I have a thing for throw pillows. I love how they add so much to a space but can easily be switched out from season to season or if your style changes. I am sure we have all felt like our space needs a change or we want to try out a new trend without major commitment to a large piece of furniture etc. This is where pillows are your new best friend. Many stores sell the inserts separately so you can just change out your covers without having a ton of pillow inserts laying around the house.

Just like when you want to try out a trend in fashion, you should never fork out a ton of money. Trends come and go in fashion and in home decor as well. Right now some trends I am loving are stripes, neon colors and pom poms. I also am loving phrases on pillows just like my love for phrases on mugs!! Also something to keep in mind is not worrying to much about matching your pillows to your space. Think of them like a purse, they need to go with your room but do not have to match perfectly. This helps give your home a cozy vibe instead of feeling like a hotel room. And feel free to throw a bunch of different ones on your couch or love seat. It used to be that you needed two of each pillow but not anymore, so get crazy!

I am now officially inspired for spring decorating.