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When it comes to design vs fashion in my life right now, interior design usually wins out. That doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE fashion, I just can’t dive head first into everything… I don’t have the time or the funds haha but I thought I would do a little fashion post today on an item I can’t live without and is great on the wallet as it can be used in so many different ways!

My little sister is my fashion icon, I am always trying to get her to start a fashion blog or at the very least an instagam account dedicated to her style, but for now I will share one of the essential things she has taught me about great style, layering! Layering an outfit is what makes it unique and looks like you spent a lot of time putting your outfit together when really you didn’t! Just like layering textures and materials is so important when decorating your home, the same goes for your style. Krista always has the best layering pieces and today I thought Id share what I consider to be the best piece she has ( and I now have) in her closet!

The ruffled slip.

There are so many options available now for slips like these, at all different price points. This one is from Cream clothing but I have seen some lovely ones from FreePeople, Anthropologie and Three Bird Nest. The trick with the ruffled slip is to layer it under sweaters or cardigans, dresses or tunics to give your top a unique look that no one else will have. And when you aren’t wearing it, hang it on a mirror or the back of your bedroom door for a soft romantic look, just please don’t use a plastic or wire hanger….. that’s not the look your going for.

Here’s how I used my ruffled slip yesterday on my way to my brother in law’s birthday party…

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I love the feminine feel of this Anthropologie top, mixed with the edgy feel in the biker boots and black Kate Spade Purse. When doing something soft and romantic I always like to add a bit of edge so I don’t look like a frilly cupcake…

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|Sweater (similar),or make your own from tutorial here|Ruffled Slip, similar,similar|

|Black Leggings|Purse|Boots ( similar)|