A few photos from around the house…

2015-01-31 10.03.13


It’s finally the weekend and I thought I would share some photos I took from around the house.

It’s no surprise if you  have followed me for any length of time that I love me some Rifle Paper Co. This New York print is one of my favourites, it brings back such fun memories of when my sister and I travelled to New York when we were 19. We didn’t get to see much of New York because this crazy snowfall happened and shut down the entire city. But we got to walk the streets of New York without hardly another soul in site, so that was pretty amazing! Next time we will go back in summer haha.2015-01-31 10.03.42

My favourite corner of the house. This spot in my kitchen is always filled with warm sunlight and my favourite little bunny cookie jar. I love changing up my decor items and creating fun little vignettes everywhere.2015-01-31 10.04.14

This mirror was an amazing find from Homesense. My sister in law was shopping and saw it and instantly thought of me. Thank goodness she did, its one of those silly things that just makes me happy looking at it. Along with my animal heads on the wall, my new tufted chair and of course there are coffee cups everywhere in my house because I’m always working on one or two cups throughout the day.
2015-01-31 10.07.21

She’s not really interested in being happy today. We are both really sick and over it this week!2015-01-31 10.04.45

 “Come on littlebess smile” I hope she never says her name right.2015-01-31 10.05.16

My little flower arrangement I made earlier this week. 2015-01-31 10.07.57

Heart shaped sunglasses are on heavy rotation through our house this week. Perfect for Valentine’s day!2015-01-31 10.09.04

One of my all time favourite movies ever is Julie and Julia. I could watch it all the time, but I end up eating way to much food if I do. Heidi and I were watching it the other weekend and I saw these framed states handkerchiefs framed behind Julie’s bed. I mentioned to Heidi that I always love those every time I see them in this scene. So of course she found some because she is the google queen, and I ordered this one. Those colours! And Hawaii was the first Vacation my husband and I ever took together.

Now I am off to cuddle with some kiddlets in my bed and not get out till this darn cold goes away. Who else is over winter and sickness! I feel like we have been sick all winter but of course thats not the case. We are all starting to go a little ( or a lot) stir crazy in this house!