Simplify your Bedding

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I love a clean and made bed! I try to make ours every morning ( all though I often fail at even this simple task) because it makes me feel calm and organized. Our house is actually usually a mess, and I try to keep our Master Bedroom clean and tidy as a sort of oasis away from it all. I used to pile on the throw pillows, much to my husbands disdain, but maybe its our lives just getting busier or my tastes changing but I am loving a clean simple white bed lately!Photo 2015-03-13, 10 07 27 AM


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I recently simplified  our pillow situation and it makes making the bed that much easier! I love how crisp and fresh just a couple decorative pillows make the bed feel. I started out with two basic white pillows, then ruffled pillows on top of those and finally our lace pillows to top it all off.
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Because I am loving our fresh white bedding, I add interest by layering a soft oatmeal color throw blanket and add lots of texture with this sheep skin rug!
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To help add even more visual interest I made sure that although all the layers of this bedding are white, they are all a unique texture or pattern. Start with a simple white duvet cover to add volume, then layer a textured white quilt on top ( I have had this one for 6 years and never grow tired of it), then add another duvet but this time pick something that has more going on. I grabbed our ruffle one from target but there are loads of great options out there for all types of budgets!Photo 2013-04-20, 6 01 11 PM

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If your anything like me you are always looking for new ways to update you’re bedding and make it feel fresh and new. I hope this helps if you are like me and love white everything but still want your bedding to stand out!

Bedding Sources:

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