Peter rabbit Easter Egg DIY

Photo 2015-03-18, 2 48 56 PM

I made some little Peter Rabbit Easter eggs to use for our Peter Rabbit Party, the are super simple so I thought i would share them as a little  DIY here on the blog.

Photo 2015-03-18, 2 47 06 PM

I started by drawing his little blue cardigan on the egg using a food safe marker

Photo 2015-03-18, 2 47 45 PM

Then I filled it in with blue paint, you could also use blue food colouring in water or food safe paint.

Photo 2015-03-18, 2 48 06 PM

Photo 2013-04-24, 11 31 16 PM

I cut out little ears and glued them on with a hot glue gun, then added some light pink to the centre to.

Photo 2013-04-24, 11 34 06 PM

Photo 2013-04-24, 11 32 02 PM

I also glued on a little pom pom for a tail

Photo 2013-04-24, 11 32 17 PM

I finished by adding little lines for pockets. I tired adding some eyes and whiskers and what not but couldn’t get the right look… I ended up liking the simplicity of him without a face.

Photo 2015-03-19, 9 35 58 AM

I think they turned out really cute and were so easy to do, that’s a win win in our house!