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Good Morning lovelies!

I thought I would pull a little post together sharing some of my favourite beauty products. I think it is so important to do a little something for yourself every-once and a while… even if that means trying a new mascara or a fun new shade of lipstick! A little goes a long way and who doesn’t want to feel pampered every now and then!


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Lets start with most important part of any good beauty routine… your skin.I don’t know about you guys but since having the girls and getting ready to turn the big 30 this fall I have noticed my skin has taken a turn for the worse. I rarely ( if ever) take the time to pamper myself let alone my skin and it shows.I have always had redness on my cheeks and around my nose, but now thanks to lack of sleep I have noticed my skin looks dull and all I see are the dark circles around my eyes. My good friend Tiffany gave me some new night cream and day cream called Optimera by Nerium to try for 5 days and see what I thought of the results. I was 100% on board to give it a shot especially after she showed me her before and after photos and how amazing her skin looks on a day to day basis!

I am blown away by the results and just had to share with you guys! I feel like after 5 days my skin is GLOWING! It has given me my confidence back and I am loving the results.

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I did not edit either of these photos, they were taken in the same lighting with the same settings on my camera. The biggest thing I wanted to show you guys is my eye lids! The picture on the left is before I started using this product and just five days later look how much the purple and yellow on top of my eyelids has lightened! Not to mention how much it brightened up my skin and helped minimize my pores all over my cheeks!

After you have pampered your skin a little bit my other favourite beauty tip is filling in those eyebrows!

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I use Anastasia brow powder in light brown, but any eyeshadow will work with a slanted brush as long as it is not have any sparkle  or glitter in it…. obviously

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As a busy mom I do not have time to do a full face of make-up ever but I have learned a good pop of bright pink blush never hurt anyone… as long as you don’t go crazy! I like this one and this one.

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This mascara changed my life…. I am serious! If you have never tried Younique mascara you MUST. It takes a little practice but you will love it I swear!

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I love love love the Dallas bronzer from Benefit and the Naked 3 palette for eyeshadow as well! I love Maybelline cover stick for the occasional blemish or extra dark cirlces under the eyes, and my go to lipstick is always Sugar by Revlon.

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Photo 2013-05-08, 9 25 16 PMTo find out more about Nerium products head over here.

My lovely white lace dress  is c/o ChicWish, I love this one and this one as well!

Now go Pamper yourself, you deserve it!