Toddler Style Picks for Summer


Palm Leaf Printed Shorts ReesePinkWebDone

Hot Pink Fringe Sandals28303dc55dccc2dd5b4238b872e9a220
Boho Pom Pom Purseb824463b489a3135cc0911fe523b004a

Fish Swimsuitfb9a8caccb709f86dd0726d47cf1beac

Chickadee Sweatshirtda0bb7ccd7c72f25f7b8877625b5596d

Layered chambray dress2701711eca20a5b80404facc16deb9e7

sailor swimsuit0dd7a297b6425449a94aeaa8cfb892fb

Floppy hat9f9c5ccedeb854f45a8ead5707534aec

Slouch pants

Glitter Wedge


Panda Backpack913cfc5ff3fe466330da75eb584f7010It’s no secret i love online shopping! Here are some items I have been eyeing for my girls as of late. I love bright fun colours for summer! I am especially loving that floppy felt hat, just like their Mamas seen here! And those hot pink fringe wedges….. do they come in my size?