Oh My Dear Favourite Books

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Reading is probably my favourite hobby hands down! And just as much as it is heart wrenching to finish an amazing T.V series, finishing a beloved book is even worse! I love finding out what other people are reading, but most of all I love finding out what their FAVOURITE books EVER are! So I thought I would compile a small list of my favourite reads, keep in mind this list is rather eclectic. I love everything from classic’s like a Tree Grows in Brooklyn, to somewhat Sci-Fi like The Girl of Fire and Thorns, to Mystery like the Lake House ( but really if you haven’t read Kate Morton’s books you NEED to).

So let me know what your favorite books of all time are, and hopefully if you haven’t read some of mine this will inspire you…. and p.s. I am jealous if you haven’t because some of these books are so good I wish I had never read them just so I could enjoy them for the first time all over again ( ahem a Tree Grows In Brooklyn)!

Happy Reading

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