▶ Reality Check, behind the scenes of a Pinterest house – Video


Good Morning Guys! So yesterday I was tagged to share 3 of my imperfections or flaws on instagram. I shared a little picture of my daughter and shared a few flaws but I wanted to take it one step further as I know when people say “oh I hate laundry” or “I am super messy” I sometimes find it hard to believe them haha so I thought I would share a little video of what are “pinterest” house looks like on a regular basis! It could be worse and it could be better but it is what it is and I am ok with that!

Also sorry that most of the video is up my nose and also what you see me looking like in this video is everyday lol I usually have my hair in a messy top knot and don’t look so cute but that’s REAL LIFE! I love sharing the pretty and being inspired by others pretty pictures and curated posts BUT I also want to show the real stuff so you know that its IMPOSSIBLE to have a Pinterest house all the time and I don’t think that should be a goal you try to achieve cuz lifes to short lovelies!

Please share your #boycottperfection  moments on instagram started by the AMAZING @britneymunday!!