Restoration Hardware Coffee Table DIY


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Have you ever fallen in love with a product you have seen  on Instagram or Pinterest and gone to purchase said product and upon seeing the price of said product, burst into tears? No? Well I fell in love with this coffee table on Restoration Hardware after seeing it on Jillian Harris’s Instagram but sadly my pockets are running a little dry lately and I could not afford the $1000 price tag, especially because technically I already had perfectly good coffee table. But I knew a rectangle table would suit our living room shape so much better pretty much the moment after I built the table from ikea and set it in the living room 2.5 yrs ago…. and it’s taken me till now to find the perfect replacement! I just had to find a way to get that table in my living room!!! Insert my husband…..

It took a little pleading but he finally saw my mad money saving ways and promised to help me build this table. I actually had nothing to do with the process except to maybe make his life 10x harder when he had to ask me questions about angles and what were the most important features I wanted to keep from the actual table and what could I possibly let go of….. apparently I am not good at explaining myself, I blame this problem on having a twin because she can pretty much read my mind and I thought my husband should to…. but anyways. Here are the steps to making yourself an amazing Restoration Hardware inspired table for under $200!!!

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Materials Needed:

16″ x 55″ x 3/4″ Pine x 2 (or if you can get it in one 32″ piece that would be better!)
2″ x 2″ x 42″ Cedar Balusters x 8
Wood Glue
3″ Screws


Minwax wood finish in special walnut 224

Varathane wood stain in Sun bleached

American Paint Company in Home Plate and Navajo white, 4 oz of each


Compound Mitre Saw
Skill Saw
Hammer & nail for distressing
Foam Paint Brush x 4

2013-06-05 04.00.26
2013-06-05 04.00.32

All of these cuts were just done by guess, feel free to modify and go by feel.
Legs – 16″ long with a 15 degree bevel (both directions) x 4
Piece between the Legs – 15 degrees (one direction) x 2 (27 3/4″ longest side in length)
Pieces above Legs – 45 degrees 29 1/2 ” longest side in length

Braces 33 ” on top and 38″ on the bottom longest side in length

2013-06-05 17.50.58

After Jade had all the pieces cut, I went to work distressing every piece. To do this I grabbed a hammer and a nail and went to town scratching the surface and hammering it a little here and there. Do not go over board on this step, just a little distressing is sufficient. After that I went on to staining and painting all the pieces. I started by applying a coat of this wood Stain to the tops of my Pine boards.

2013-06-05 19.42.26

2013-06-05 19.41.36

 This is what they looked like after one coat had sat on for about 10-15 min and been whipped off with a rag.
2013-06-07 03.30.37

 I picked up this chalk paint to try creating a white wash finish and it worked great! After staining the boards and letting them air dry for a bit, I then grabbed this paint and applied it to the tops of the boards using a foam brush. The key is to use it sparingly, you do not need very much and grab a rag to help you spread it across the boards. It will be really white at first but will soak into the pine nicely after a bit. Then I grabbed this colour of the same paint

2013-06-07 03.30.44

and applied sparingly using a foam brush. I used this almost as a highlighter. I didn’t add it everywhere only certain sections to give it that two tone white wash look.

This is what it will look like when done compared to only stained.

2013-06-05 20.10.20

chalk paint treatment for coffee table

2013-06-07 02.06.50

We wanted the table to be 55″ long.

I pre-drilled all the screw holes so the screw could suck the two pieces together really tight.

2013-06-07 02.21.25

Make sure to put glue in between all of the joints for extra rigidity!

2013-06-07 02.27.33

2013-06-07 02.53.14

Here is the fully assembled legs, I put both of these together first so the spacing was correct

2013-06-07 02.54.50

Then I put the braces across to attach the legs together. I just held the two sets of legs standing up about where I wanted them then I measured how long to cut the braces.  If you make your table longer or shorter these pieces will change. If you are going to build a custom table why not custom fit it to your living room!

2013-06-07 03.18.32

Here we have the whole frame assembled! (I changed design halfway through hence the unstained piece!)

2013-06-07 03.32.13

Apply (lots of) wood glue and just lay the pine on top!
We left it over night with some weights on top for the glue to set.

2013-06-07 03.37.54
2013-06-07 03.39.15

 And that’s it!

It took two days to complete and  cost $127.oo for wood supplies and $22 for chalk paint. I had extra stain so I didn’t need to purchase more but it is safe to say you can make this table for well under $200, that’s $800 savings in the bank my friends!!!

2013-06-07 22.10.46

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2013-06-07 22.10.31

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So the next time you fall in love with something thats not in your price range why not try making it!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!