Pink Peonies

2013-07-09 21.25.54


2013-07-09 21.25.11

2013-07-09 21.18.54

2013-07-09 21.16.06

|Dress|Denim Jacket ( similar)|Bag|Shoes ( different color)|

Grabbed my first Peonies of the season while walking through the grocery store today! They are my favourite flower and I can’t help buying oodles of them because they are only available for such a short time! Plus anything that is bright pink has my name written all over it!

I know that last picture is very blurry but I couldn’t resist cuz she is just so darn cute. She also directed me how to pose while the camera self-timer took these pictures on my tripod….. but she really was convinced she was taking them. She’s the best!