How to style a Coffee Table using Flowers

howtostyleacoffeetableWe recently updated our coffee table from a square Ikea table to our DIY Restoration Hardware style rectangle table. I am so in love with it and have been playing around with different ways to style it. I finally found a scheme I am happy with and the best part is it can easily be updated by just simply switching your floral arrangments. I did two looks for you today one with tall flowers and another with short flowers. I love both and love how easily they change the look our space.

look 1: Tall Flowers
2013-07-29 22.09.18

2013-07-29 22.09.39

2013-07-29 22.09.53

I found this large vase at homesense and have used it so much, it was defiantly a great find! I love it with all kinds of tall flowers especially these gladiolus. I love how much they dress up our living room and add colour as you can see my palette is fairly neutral. For both looks I kept the table very simple by using two stacks of coffee table books in neutral colors. Its hard to find good size coffee table books that don’t have distracting book covers. A good trick is to try taking off the removable cover on your books. I was pleasantly surprised to find all of mine were in soft blush and grey colors. Try setting a small candle on top or some glasses like mine to add visual interest.

Look 2:

2013-07-29 22.11.05

2013-07-29 22.11.38

2013-07-29 22.12.18

2013-07-29 22.12.47

Simple flowers add so much charm to your living room. Sometimes its easy to go a little overboard with styling a coffee table, but I love this look so much because it looks like you didn’t have to put any thought into it! This time I used green hydrangeas and peonies to add lots of colour to our space. Another little tip is to keep some faux peonies on hand. These are my favourite flowers but they are only in season for such a short time I cheat a little and mix faux with real flowers. Shhh dont tell anyone 😉

For a similar but unique rug try this one

And there you have it, two simple looks for your coffee table.

Which do you prefer tall, short or are you like me and love them both!?