Saskatoon Pie

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I love making pie, and I love eating it too! We went Saskatoon Berry picking ( a berry that grows wild where I am from) and we got soooo many berries I decided to make some pies. I love pies that look rustic and not too perfect HA so that’s what I was going for here….. it’s the best look for a pie because it means you don’t have to spend so much time on making sure the crust doesn’t shrink in when it bakes etc. I have perfected this pie crust and used it for years:

Flaky Pie Dough recipe ( makes three large balls of dough)

5 cups of all purpose flour

3 tbsp of brown sugar

3 tbsp vinegar

1 lb lard or half butter half lard ( I used vegetable shortening)

Mix all these ingredients together until just combined then add in 

2/3 cup of water ( or a pinch more if you live in a dry climate like myself) 

and gently mix until it easily rolls into a ball.

Then we added our berries with some flour and sugar to keep it from becoming runny while it bakes and to sweeten it up. Take your extra dough and cut out shapes to make your pie extra fun and lets be real the pie crust is the best part so the more the better!

What are your favourite pies to make in the summer?