Life Goals


Hey guys! I normally share photos of our life and home and everything in-between, and today I thought I would touch on a subject thats very dear to my heart and that is LIFE GOALS! Recently I have had some close friends and family look into buying their first homes, as well as starting their own families. It has aroused many conversations about making and working towards  life goals. On top of this one of the most common hash-tags I notice on my Instagram pictures is #housegoals or#lifegoals. We are now more then ever constantly surrounded by beautiful images, houses we would love, or lives we want to emulate. But there is a lot of questions about how to get there… wherever there may be. I thought I would share some tips and tricks Jade and I did when setting out our “life goals” and hopefully they will help anyone who is wanting to do the same, but do not know where to start!

For many Canadians the traditional sequence of life events – finish school, get married, buy a house and have kids –  does not always happen as it typically did for past generations. In a recent TD  survey 6 in 10 Canadians have completed or are on track to complete their life’s goals in a different order than they originally expected. It doesn’t matter what order your goals are but more importantly that you have a plan on how to achieve your goals. Although this is a touchy subject, most of your life goals will be affected by your financial goals and you should have a plan on how to make these two goals work together. Things like handling mupltiple milestones occuring at the same time,  costs involved in buying your first home, saving for a comfortable parental leave and knowing if we are on track to  save enough for retirment are all questions and experiances Jade and I have gone through.

Some tips we learned about early on in our marriage and followed that have really worked well for us are:

Make a plan. Be specific!

-Do you want to purchase your own home and where?

-What are your life goals say 5 and 10 years down the road

– How many children do you want and how will this affect your other life goals


Start Saving!

Use cash ( this was huge for us) for monthly items.

We set out a budget for ourselves from groceries, toiletries, kids expenses and everything in between. We even save for presents by setting aside a lump sum every month so when Christmas comes along we don’t have to scramble to find the money. This planning ahead method can be used for everything like land taxes, vacation money etc. Anything that only comes around once or twice a year can be saved ahead of time and has a HUGE impact on reducing stress and helping to save for bigger items like homes and cars.

– we strive to live debt free ( minus our mortgages for our houses). This means if we want a vehicle we save for one ( hence my very old car I am driving still to this day). We do not go on vacation unless we have the money saved. We pay off our credit cards at the end of every month! We really only use them so we can save up travel reward miles etc and have good credit ratings.

MOST IMPORTANTLY sit down with a financial planner to map out a plan that is unique to your aspirations! They are there to help so take advantage of their knowledge and be prepared BEFORE you want to buy a house or plan a wedding! It is so important to know what things cost before you jump in with both feet.

Preparing for life’s big moments requires planning and saving, and regardless of your age, it’s never too early to build a financial plan and set goals for your future! Pretty soon those #housegoals and #lifegoals you have been tagging won’t just be goals anymore but your reality!!

Again these are just tips we picked up and have helped us with our life goals of owning our own home and raising our two daughters. 

Head over here for more interesting facts and help on putting your life goals in motion!


This post was made in partnership with TD Bank. All opinions are my own. 

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