Office Decor Tips



Chair|Gold accessories|art work|Paris  tray

When you work from home like I do, it can be so important to have a space that you set aside just for work. I currently work from the top of our stairs at the little computer desk, however I love dreaming up lots of Office Decor inspiration for when the day comes that I actually have a real office. Here are some decor elements I am loving right now that would work great in a home office!

Layer your rugs. I love this trend as it adds so much visual interest and texture to a space that may not have a lot of unique arcitectual elements. I especially love a cow hid rug when implementing this trick.

I am loving warm wood tones right now! I still like to use a lot of white in my designs however I love the warmth a wood tone can bring to space. It truly does make it feel more cozy.

Make sure to add lots of green living ( or faux ) plants into your space to add life to your room.

I am also really loving using unique textures in my space lately! I love the leather elements of this office chair!

You can add design even into your mundane office tools. Pick fun patterned notebooks and agendas ( side note they look cute in pictures… if you’re into that kinda thing haha)

You don’t have to stick to just typical office decor either, remember to have fun with all types of furniture/pillows or poufs even in your office space.

I am loving Minted’s new collection of artwork. They will turn yours or your child’s artwork into a pretty foiled print! This lets you incorporate mementos but is more in keeping with your decor!

Finally have fun with accessories like all these white and gold pieces!

Whatever you do, make sure you stay true to yourself and it will turn out great!