Homemade Sea Salt & Rosemary Potato Chips

homemade sea salt and rosemary potato chips


If there is one thing that makes my children break down into wild squeals of glee at any party its that big ole bowl of potato chips! I am also a lover of chips, however I wanted to try making some of our own in hopes to have a healthier snack option and a tastier one I might add as opposed to the store bought variety.

They were sooooo easy and sooooo scrumptious you guys! So next time you are searching for that half empty stale bag of potato chips why not make your own!

All you need is

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Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Rosemary and some spuds. I used sweet potatoes and russets.

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We used our food processor to make very thin slices however a mandolin would also work. We had some extremely thin slices and some thicker ones. The thicker were just as yummy but took a little extra time when cooking.

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Place your slices on a plate with paper towel and generously brush with olive oil. Make sure to do both sides so they don’t stick to the paper towel.

Sprinkle with your sea salt and rosemary. This is the part I love the most, these are cooked entirely in the microwave!

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Each microwave is different. We use the Panasonic Cyclonic microwave and this is what I found worked best with our microwave, but feel free to play around with your settings. The most important step to making these chips crunchy and well chip like is the power setting. With the cyclonic microwave I used the 3-stage cooking feature, which allows you to program 2-3 stages of cooking continuously. I set the power to 10 and the timer for 2 min, then set the power to 5 for 1 min. The microwave did both these stages one after the other, while I cleaned up the kitchen!  Then I flipped them over and cooked them for another min with the power at 5. This worked great, unless the chips were thicker then I had to cook them a little longer. I used the quick 30 feature on our microwave and added more time as needed, keeping it on the lower power setting.

Also it needs to be mentioned that this microwave is special. The new cyclonic inverter technology evenly distributes energy throughout your food, cooking your chips evenly, leaving you with crunchy, salty chips instead of soggy ones!

homemade sea salt and rosemary potato chips

Oh My Heavens they are so good!

I love the sea salt and rosemary on these chips but you could do an endless amount of flavours such as

cinnamon and coconut sugar for sweet potato chips or a squeeze of lime and sea salt for a zesty flavour.


This post brought to you in partnership with Panasonic