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I have really been soul searching about the purpose of my blog lately. I have wanted  to narrow down what I was blogging about for some time, as it felt all over the place, and to be honest overwhelming to think of blog topics when I didn’t have a set purpose for the blog, but I felt like I had “blog blinders” on. I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly I wanted this blog to be.

My sister and I are always talking about our struggle with just wanting to be “homemakers” and the pressure society puts on us that we must do MORE. Along with this topic always rolling around in my mind, I started asking myself some big and important questions like “self, what are you good at ” and “what interests you, you should write about that” haha (Things that probably seem simple to some people often seem elusive to me). All of a sudden I woke up and thought, “blog about making a house a home”!

Here is my summary of our new blog purpose from my updated about page…

practicing the art

You know those houses you walk into and they just FEEL like home the moment you enter. You can’t really put your finger on what’s making this house feel like home, but nevertheless you feel safe and loved the moment you walk in.

We live in a world that is just so gosh darn busy! With our priorities focused outside the home and the busyness and stress of always being out, DOING something (whatever that may be) we as a society are forgetting that making our homes a safe haven for our children, friends, families and even ourselves is so important! I feel this pressure especially as a stay at home mom. It sometimes seems the world is saying it is simply not good enough to be creating this environment for my family. That this in itself is not a “career”.

As I look back at my childhood my first memory (and one of the greatest gifts my mother gave to us) was that of a safe and welcoming environment, our home. My mother is extremely gifted in this. My sisters and I were the lucky ones who didn’t even realize how blessed we were until we had families of our own. We would bring our friends home from school and they never wanted to leave. We just thought everyone had what we had, but now I know that that is so far from the truth. Our mother practiced the art of making her house a home and she excelled at it.

You may be asking does this blog only apply to stay at home moms? Absolutely not!! Practicing the art of making a house a home can be done by anyone, no matter if you also work outside the home , how large your family is or wether you live alone, are married or have a roommate.

Another example I have of a gifted home maker is my friend Leah. She was my roommate in my 20’s and we shared a house with 2 other girls. Leah worked full time as did we all, but it was Leah who made our rental house a home! Some people seem naturally gifted as homemakers but I believe it is an art they have honed through making it a priority in their lives.

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There wont be any radical changes on the blog, but focusing on what I want the purpose of Oh My Dear Blog to be will provide me the clarity I need to have even better content for you my lovely readers!

Lucky me it incorporates things I already blog about and categories you will still find on the blog such as decorating, recipes and diy inspo. But I also wanted to open this up to ALL areas of making a house a home and hopefully have even more inspiration, tips and tricks and most importantly wisdom from some amazingly gifted homemakers that I know!

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Thanks for being such wonderful people and always encouraging me! I hope you enjoy this blogs new purpose and as always feel free to e-mail me topics you would like me to cover or questions you would like answered at brittany@ohmydearblog.com.