Secret Toy Storage

Photo 2015-11-23, 1 47 56 PM

I wanted to do a little blog post on how we store our toys today because I have received multiple e-mails saying your house is cute BUT WHERE ARE ALL YOUR TOYS, more times then i can count lol. So today I will reveal my secret to storing toys and keeping our girls room/living room somewhat clutter free. Please keep in mind that before I took these photos I did a good clean of the room, it does not always look like this! However with Christmas coming up I like to do a deep clean and toy junking before I start decorating the rooms for Christmas.

Our girls share their bedroom and it is not large by any means. My daughters are 5 and almost 4 so at this time we are able to store all their clothing in this dresser. Half the dresser is for Elizabeth and half is for Paisley. I store underwear and socks in one small drawer, pj’s in the other small drawer, shirts in a drawer and pants/dresses in the bottom drawer. I live by the less is more mantra with all our wardrobes in our home, so this is doable because I have tried very hard to not hoard clothing as I used to when they were babies ( ahhh miniature everything is too cute) something I did after reading Jennifer.L.Scott’s madam chic books. With all their clothing fitting in this one dresser that freed up their closet for this……

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Photo 2013-12-31, 7 18 31 PM

Again as they have gotten older and I am able to watch what they play with the most, getting rid of items that never get played with and making wiser choices for birthday and Christmas presents. This has helped us keep their toy collections fairly minimal compared to some toy collections. In their closet I hung Ikea hanging cubbies and got myself a bunch of plastic containers that fit perfectly in each cubby. Toys are organized in groups such as barbies/my little ponies/disney action figures, doll clothes & accessories, legos, tinker toys, and a  train set. Everything else is just placed in the cubby or stored in the bottom of their closet ( calico critters dollhouse I wish I had never bought, and new generations doll stuff). I know when we were kids we loved when mom would help us clean out our toys and organize! Those were some of my best memories because it made playing with all our stuff so much more fun. I also think its important to do this task with your own children ( even though it may take a million times longer and make you want to cry and run away). It allows them to 1. be involved with a chore, always important 2. understand just how many toys they have 3. they will know where everything is and hopefully will be able to play more on their own.

Photo 2015-11-23, 1 48 28 PM

Also we store a few more toys in our basement such as a play kitchen, food and accessories and some more dolls etc.

Hopefully this helps in clearing up the perception that we either have no toys or that our house is always camera ready, HA nothing could be further from the truth. Also please keep in mind when I take a photo of our living room to share on Instagram, I move the toys ( although no we don’t allow a ton in the living room at once because, well, it is not large). our house gets messy, we have toys everywhere almost always at one point during the day, but we do try and practice the less is more mentality and enforce cleaning up our toy when we are done with it before taking out another!