Cilantro and Lime Fried Rice




I love fried rice! It’s one of my favourite comfort foods. Today I wanted to show how you can make this rice recipe all in the microwave! Panasonic sent us their new Cyclonic Microwave and it has this wonderful setting called the sensor cook feature that I used to make this recipe.

First you will need to place 1 1/3 cups of white rice in a microwave safe dish. Then dice up half an onion, one stalk of celery and 1-2 carrots. Make sure you dice all the vegetables small so they cook through with the rice.

cilantrolimerice1Pour in your liquid ( follow the measurements on your package of rice). I like to use chicken stock when cooking rice. It adds so much more flavour then just regular water.

cilantrolimerice2Put a lid on and place in the microwave. This is the brilliant part of the sensor feature. It allows you to cook food without setting a time, the microwave does it all for you. I selected the setting for white rice using the sensor cook feature and the microwave did the rest, cooking my rice to perfection and even steaming the carrot, celery and onion perfectly while is cooked.



while your rice is cooking grab an egg, some soy sauce, cilantro and lime

cilantrolimerice6When your rice is done cooking, quickly add the egg mixing it around so it cooks thoroughly in the rice ( you can always pop the dish back in the microwave for 30sec to a min. if you want your egg cooked more). Then chop up some cilantro and squeeze on some fresh lime.



cilantrolimerice9This recipe is so yummy and full of flavour! You and your family will love it.

This Post brought to you in partnership with Panasonic