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Last June we had the pleasure of meeting Barry Calhoun an amazing photographer, when he came to  take photos of our home for Canada’s top home decor magazine, Style At Home! I was so excited!! This has been a dream of mine for the last 5 years and I still can’t believe my dream came true. Not only were we featured in the March 2016 issue, our little living room made the cover, ahhhhh!

When I first started this blog over two years ago I made a little mental list of all the things I wanted to accomplish with the blog, but I also made a little “dream list”. These were things I dreamed would happen, but didn’t in full honesty EVER picture them coming true, and I never said them out loud to ANYONE. What was on my “dream list”? Well I hoped I could reach a 1000 followers on Instagram, have more people then just my mom ( love you mom) read my blog posts, and maybe JUST maybe have our home in a magazine.  Now two years into this crazy blogging world, all of my dreams have come true and then some!

I am so thankful for my readers (and those following along with me on this adventure through Instagram), without you my dream would never have become a reality! I am so thankful for my family, especially my husband Jade, for putting up with me and believing in me as I spent endless hours styling photos, learning how to use a computer ( Gah, hate them), bossing everyone around while I took pictures and generally just being an anxious,emotional mess as I sorted this whole Blog world out!

I would encourage anyone who is going for their dreams to make this list, you may be surprised to find what you secretly hoped and dreamed for could come true! It never hurts to try and PLEASE don’t let the fear of rejection or failure hold you back from following your dreams! If you never take a chance, you will never know what could have happened!

A special thank you to Brad & Robyn from Deeproot Developments for building and designing our beautiful home, and to Kelsey from Grower Direct Flowers Grande Prairie for providing the most STUNNING flowers for our photo shoot!

And thank you to Style at Home for taking the time to come all the way to Grande Prairie,Alberta. We loved the entire experience!!