DIY Floral Serving Tray


DIY Floral Tray #WayfairMyWay

Summer is quickly turning into fall,and I can’t believe how quickly it flew by!

To help me ease my way into fall weather and decor, I came up with a fun DIY! This floral tray is perfect for styling on your coffee table and it will use up some of your pretty summer blooms from your yard (or your neighbours yard, parents yard, the park….wherever ha ha).

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 40 18 AM

600x200_DIYMyWayTo get started you will need:

-A serving Tray ( my Bamboo Tray is from Wayfair)

-A Paint brush

-Craft Paint ( I used cream and white)

-Dried Flowers and Leaves

-Mod Podge

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 39 33 AM

To dry my flowers I pressed them in-between the pages of a book. I placed them on wax paper, however I did find they still stained through onto the pages of the book so make sure to use an old book. Once they were all laid out on the paper and in the pages of the book, I placed a heavy brick on top and let those babies sit for 1-2 weeks. Keep in mind the flowers will lose a LOT of their color. I found leaves worked the best for holding their shape and some color.

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 40 35 AM

Next I arranged the flowers on my tray in a pattern I liked. I was going for a half floral wreath, and I just played around with them till I got a shape I liked.

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 41 06 AMThen I removed them carefully and took a round plate to draw my circle on the tray.

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 41 26 AM

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 42 01 AM

I wanted my painted circle to look “brushed” aka not perfect, to compliment the rustic feeling of my dried flowers.

Photo 2016-08-18, 8 42 35 AM

Let your paint dry and then you can add anything you want inside. I added a white heart, but you could use a stencil and add your initials, a quote you love …. the world is your oyster here, remember the best thing about DIY projects is that they are personalized to fit your style, be creative!

After all the paint is dry your could add a nice thick layer of mod podge on top to seal in your flowers and paint. Because of the delicate nature of the flowers, this tray is intended for decorative purposes only. I love using serving trays on my coffee table to add depth and store all my little trinkets.

DIY Floral Tray #WayfairMyWay

DIY Floral Tray #WayfairMyWay

DIY Floral Tray #WayfairMyWay

DIY Floral Tray #WayfairMyWay

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. I really love how it turned out and it was so easy and inexpensive, my kind of DIY!