Guest with the Best



It’s that time of the year where you will most likely be hosting some of your own gatherings with friends and family but you will probably be going to some parties as well! It’s such a kind gesture when someone comes to an event you are hosting with a small token of their appreciation in hand. I’m teaming up with  to share one of my favourite hostess gifts with you that will be perfect for this holiday season! The best part is they are both beautiful and practical.

All you need are:


1.A Coffee Mug ( these are great because they can by personalized for your host. And with cute coffee mugs all over the market you will be sure to find a cute one in your budget).

2. Succulents or mini potted plants

3. A gift tag and some rope or ribbon



Succulents are my favourite because they are low maintenance and wether your host has a green thumb or not she/he will be able to handle these little guys!


Attach an elastic band to your gift tag and pop over the rim of your mug. Then place your decorative rope or ribbon around to hide the elastic band.




 That’s it!

What are your go-to host/hostess gifts for the holidays?

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