Homeschooling and Where to Start…

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Hey guys! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on my blog since before Christmas! I have been thoroughly enjoying my time off from the blog and social media and soaking in life at home. I was really craving a slower paced month and January has been just that! However we are now really in full swing of homeschooling and LOVING IT, so I wanted to share a little overview of how we got started and what we are doing for our first year of homeschooling with my daughter Elizabeth who is 6 and in Grade 1.

My sister also homeschools her 4 boys and she really is the sole reason why I decided to try my hand at homeschooling. She got me to read the book ” For the Children’s Sake” and I was hooked on the idea of homeschooling, HOWEVER I was terrified you guys. I had never ever ever considered doing homeschool with my kids until last January and so I felt totally un-prepared and overwhelmed. I do not love researching things,  but my twin sister does, lucky me she did all of the hard work on sorting out our method of homeschooling and curriculum.  So first things first, if you are interested in homeschooling, start with reading ” For the Children’s Sake”. Next you will want to look into what style of homeschooling you will do. I have absolutely no knowledge on any other styles of homeschooling other then Charlotte Mason so that is all I will be talking about, but there are lots of directions you can go.

Next I read the ” Charlotte Mason Companion” which is a heavy read but so so good and really helped me understand what to do next. Grade one is really so simple its insane. We start our morning with our memory binder. In the memory binder we have a bible verse we repeat everyday ( switching it out 3-4 times in the year as well as the rest of the items in the binder), a song and a poem. Then we usually read an extra poem from “Now we are six” and either read a fiction chapter book ( I read, she listens” our Bernstein bears science book or Paddle to the sea ( social or history based). We read these in a loop. Then we do our primary subjects, math,reading and writing. I love these curriculums so much and can’t say enough about them. For math we do Math-U-SEE. For reading we do ” 100 Easy Lessons” and you guys even if you aren’t going to homeschool your kids, this book is so amazing and is so easy! I can not believe how easy it was to teach her how to read and it was one of the reasons I was most hesitant to start homeschooling because reading is SO important. We also use handwriting without tears for our letter work and I love it too!

Our days usually take anywhere from 25 min to an hour ( gasp I know) depending on how much extra reading I incorporate from just picture books on subjects we are interested in, in that moment. I do not like feeling confused or overwhelmed ( who does) and I find homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way is SO simple its crazy.

Some more great resources for learning about homeschooling are:

CiRCe Institue Podcast – The Mason Jar episodes (charlotte mason)

Read Aloud Revival has great book lists and Vlogs on homeschooling that I really loved

ambleside online


I just want to note that we do not follow an organized curriculum but have patched together our own based on the Charlotte Mason Method.

Do you have more questions about homeschooling? Shoot me an e-mail at and I will hopefully be able to include them in an upcoming blog post!


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