You Make it Beautiful Pocast- Episode 003 Our Favourite Cookbooks and Recipes!



God is using all the stuff of life whether it be parenting, R.V living, leaky bathrooms, new adventures, bad habits, etc and is making ALL OF IT beautiful! What a freedom there is in trusting that God is working all things for our good, and that includes the mundane tasks, the exciting moments, the broken pieces, the down right confusing moments, EVERYTHING.
We hope you enjoy this podcast as we are on a journey as we  seek God and find Him in some surprising places. We also will be sharing our love for Homeschooling, cooking, dabbling in the arts, making lots of biscuits, and much much more as we celebrate in the fact that He uses it ALL and is making it beautiful.
You make it beautiful Podcast with Lindsay Bolton and Brittany Robertson from Oh My Dear Blog.

You Make it Beautiful Podcast- Episode 003 Our Favourite cookbooks and Recipes!

We love cookbooks! In this episode we share our top cookbook pics and our favourite recipes from each book! We did not start off as people who loved to cook, but through cookbooks ( and the food network) we fell in love with making food, and sharing it with our loved ones! We hope this Podcast inspires you to cook something new!

Cook Books Mentioned in the podcast:

You Make It Beautiful Podcast episode 003

Lindsay’s cookbook shelf

You Make It Beautiful Podcast episode 003

Biscuits from Genius Recipes by Food 52- SO GOOD!