Design Inspiration- Mom & Dad’s Ensuite

I am helping my parents with the renovation of our family home. I grew up in this house from grade 6 until I moved out ( and moved back in again, and then back out again…..) so it is bittersweet. We have been begging mom and dad to update the house for a few years but now that its underway to is so strange to it all torn apart.

They are currently only renovating the main floor and leaving the basement, so that is what we are working on. Mom and I haven’t had a hard time visualizing any of the rooms except for their master bathroom. This room is being all switched around and the window on the left was giving us a hard time with figuring out the placement of mirrors above the vanity, as part of the vanity will go under the mirror!

I have been watching Layla Palmer aka @letteredcottage on Instagram ( her insta-stories)  for a few weeks now and love her “presto-change-o” clips she shares. Every month she accepts 10 rooms from clients and uses a photo they send her to give design inspiration for their room using photoshop. I figured it was high time I learned how to professionally use photoshop haha so when she shared that you could take her Design Room Course I was so excited! I knew it would help my mom and I visualize how the ensuite would look and I have been looking for ways I can take on a few extra design clients while still homeschooling the girls.

Here is what I came up with on photoshop after taking Layla’s course, and I love how it turned out….

Option one

I used two separate mirrors in this photo, but had to float one of the mirrors over the window. This is not ideal but again because of the placement of the windows it is going to have to work. Because of the squishy vanity wall we also decided to go with hanging pendant lights entered on the three banks of drawers, and then there will also be another statement light over the tub in the left hand corner.

My mom was also having a hard time visualizing gold or brass lighting and mirrors, which she wanted, with black faucets. That’s the wonderful thing about photoshop, you get to see how everything will work together before you commit to your design. We love the mixture of black and gold/brass, especially after seeing them together in this photo.


Option 2

Another option is to do a single mirror and butt it right up against the trim on the window.This would work as long as there is equal parts of mirror on either side of the faucets. It also gives a more streamlined look, as opposed to the trendier look of the other mirrors.

If you are loving the gold/brass look that’s back in style but don’t want to commit to something that is definitely a trend and will eventually go back out again, I suggest incorporating it in with mirrors, hardware on your drawers and cabinets and even lighting. All these elements can easily be changed out when this trend is over!

Hopefully I will be able to start accepting a few clients each month for a Room Design using photoshop. I have a few other projects I need to finish up, but if you are interested please e-mail me at and I will put your name on a waiting list. I will only be taking a couple clients per month until I get my workload juggled, so please let me know if you are interested A.S.A.P and I will make sure you are notified when I start accepting new clients!

The price per design will be $199, and that will include one photo of one room designed by me to help you get inspired to start making over your own space!

Thanks Guys!