Decorating For Fall with Urban Barn


Leather Sofa  2. Accent Pillows  3. Tufted Ottoman  4. faux plants  5. brass lamp  6.brass mirror  7. brass decorative object 8. side chair throw  10. rug

I am loving all the pastel coloured pumpkins that I am seeing everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram these days. You can find pumpkins in soft shades of vintage green all the way to blush pink, which got me thinking, why not transition all my pink decor I love for spring and summer into fall!

I have teamed up with Urban Barn to share my take on a fresh look for fall decor this year. I love how warm and inviting the blush pink accents look ( especially that amazing plaid print throw) with all the cognac leather and brass tones of fall.

The trick with incorporating these soft pastel tones into your living room or any other space is to also add in layers of warmth in your other decor. In this case I used the pastel blush accents with cognac leather and brass metallics. The tone of the blush pink is warm and blends in with the otherwise non-traditional patterns and colors ( like the plaid pillow) because they are all warm shades. If you have cool tones in your space you could add in a cool pastel ice blue ( such as the bottom left mini pumpkin featured in the design board). The key is to think outside the box when matching your patterns and shades but stick within the same warm or cool tones.

I also searched high and low for an amazing DIY pastel pumpkin project for those of us that don’t have access to all these amazing colourful gourds this time of year, and found this lovely post from the Casual Craflete Blog ,if you feel like getting crafty….


(photo via the Casual Craftlete Blog)

I hope I have inspired you to get creative and think outside the box with your fall decor this year!

Thank you to Urban Barn for sponsoring this post! All words, opinions and photos ( unless otherwise noted) are my own.

Happy Decorating.