Dining Room Floating Shelf Inspiration

I have been brainstorming up some ideas for adding in some open shelving into our new home. I was so excited to have extra wall space in this house in the dining room that I could use for open shelving, because we didn’t have the space for that in our old house.

I love the idea of keeping the decor to a kitchen theme but adding in a few unexpected pieces like a gold round mirror and a large piece of art work. I wanted the wall to feel layered and cozy, almost with a cottage type feel to it so thats where the two type of “shelving” come in.

I used Ikea Lack floating shelves in our old living room and love them. They are so affordable but look amazing and come in multiple stains. I think I am going to go with them in the birch stain this time around and add in these Ikea Fintorp rails to hang cutting boards and plants on ( my inspiration for this can be found from Alyssa at @cottonwoodacres , SO BEAUTIFUL).

Here is a very unprofessional mock up of the shelving in our new dining room using Photoshop haha but it shows the idea I am going for.

You can shop all the decor pieces I have purchased below as well if you are in the market for affordable kitchen items ( and these ship within Canada ladies if you are Canadian like me)!