Kids Gift Guide 2017


I wasn’t sure if I would get any gift guides done this year. Is it just me or has the Christmas season snuck up on anyone else faster then normal this year! What with moving three times in the last 6 months, trying to get projects around our new house finished, homeschooling my daughters and dealing with a really nasty round of the flu that took us out for a week, I was ready to put Gift Guides on the back burner for this year…. but then I was listening to a gift guide podcast and although I somehow managed to get all my gifts purchased for the season I was reminded how much I LOVE hearing what others buy for gifts! Giving Gifts is not my natural talent like it is for some people (ahead my amazing sister-in-law Heidi) BUT instead of floundering around trying to find ideas for the girls, I am finding I have TOO MANY gift ideas for them haha. So I thought I would share some of my favourites we ended up purchasing and some that I will save for later dates!

Who didn’t want a canopy over their bed when they were little! I sure did, and I got the exact canopy featured in the gift guide on sale for $25 (on sale) each from Hearthsong. They also light up with crystals in the centre and although they don’t go with any of my traditional decor choices, I am learning to let go a little when it comes to picking the items in the girls rooms and what they wear etc haha because like my husband says Brittany stop killing their dreams in the name of “style”…. anyone else struggle with wanting it to all be pretty! But they are more important obviously and I am totally learning to let it go.

My one daughter who will be turning 6 in January loves playing with sets like Playmobile and my little pony figurines and dolls while my other daughter who is 7 prefers building with lego, making crafts, learning how to create science experiments and rolling around in our kitchen on her skateboard ( as witness on my Insta stories ha). So these gift guides are a mix of both their personalities. I have to admit I finally splurged on the flat lay doll house that I have been eyeing up for like two years and you guys it is SO ADORABLE and I know Paisley will love it.

I can’t leave this lengthy gift guide without recommending the best thing we have spent money on all year which ┬áis Audible. This is not sponsored in any way, I just must stress how amazing audio books have been in our girls lives. We listen to them when we drive to Vancouver Island every summer, and they listen to one every night while falling alseep. Their favourite way to listen is with headphones haha it makes them feel so grown-up, and then they each get to choose their own book to listen to.

Their favourite audio books are Ramona (hands down, this has been playing for months on end) and Little House on the Prairie. You can sign up for Audible through a monthly subscription and get credits towards audio books for really cheap ( like $15 for the entire Ramona set instead of $35).

I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide as much as I love looking and listening to everyone else gift guides every Christmas season!