Digital Design Makeover

My Digital Design Makeover Service can help you visualize a new paint colour you have been wanting to try out in your room or give your space a whole ¬†fresh new look with the help of Photoshop. It is perfect for the person who needs to see it to believe it, because sometimes trying to imagine how it will look just isn’t enough, right!? Or perhaps you’re lost altogether and have no idea which direction to go in… I can help with ¬†that too!

This service includes a digital makeover of one photo. Please make sure to include your e-mail address below when you purchase so I can contact you! I require up to one month from the date of purchase to complete your digital design makeover.
I look forward to working together on designing your space!
( This service is for inspirational purposes only. The client will be required to source and purchase all products and materials themselves.)
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